Transitioning guide

Formula transition can feel like a daunting process for a new parent, especially if their child has encountered some side-effects on their old formula. They can start by introducing one bottle with new formula at the first feed of the day or when baby is particularly hungry. Also, offering the new formula in the morning can reduce the risk of potential fussiness in the evening.

Wanting to make the switch? We always recommend a more gradual approach to give little tummies time to adapt to any new changes. Start by swapping out one feed of your child’s current milk with one feed of Oli6®. After 1-3 days (or when you and your child feel comfortable), substitute an additional feed and repeat again after another few days until all feeds are Oli6®

Try to avoid changing any other factors your little one is used to when they enjoy their milk—where they normally sit to drink or the cup they use etc.


* This is a guide only & some children may need to transition at a different pace.
This example is for a child that has 3 serves of milk per day.