How to leave the house in record time with your goat’s milk formula feeding baby

Whether you’re a goat’s milk formula family or not, the first time you attempt to leave the house with your new baby may invite thoughts like “what strange land is this?!” In fact, leaving the house with a formula fed baby could make for a riveting Olympic sport. It requires an incredible amount of skill, patience, preparation, practice, and mental fortitude.

What we’re saying is it’s genuinely hard. You’re not alone if you feel anxious about leaving the house with your baby!

The good news is: you’ll get better at it over time. Promise.

If you’re not able to breastfeed at all, you may feel like you’re at a disadvantage. Heading out and about with a formula feeding baby requires a bit more prep than simply making sure your boobs are on you. But there are shortcuts you can take to make it easier.

Here are some tips to make feeding goat’s milk formula on the go a hell of a lot easier.

Keep your nappy bag at the ready

This sounds simple enough, but it takes effort to keep your nappy bag in good order. Here are some handy hints to make leaving the house with your baby that much quicker:

  • Choose a nappy bag with plenty of pockets and compartments – this makes it easy to fill it with essentials like nappies, wipes, changes of clothes, snacks, bottles, and goat’s milk formula.
  • Leave your nappy bag in the same place in the house every time – trust us, it’ll save you significant time spent stomping around the house searching for it.
  • Prep your bag the night before – where you can, double check the night before that you’ve got everything you need.
  • Restock your bag after every adventure – it just takes a few minutes to replace used nappies and pop in a fresh container of pre-measured goat’s milk formula for next time.

Find ways to keep your baby occupied while you get ready – identify the toys or books that keep them engaged (for longer than two minutes) so you get your things together and pack the car.

Feed, burp and change your bub well in advance

You know what makes leaving the house with a baby extra stressful? Trying to squeeze in a feed just before you leave. And then having to deal with the subsequent poopsplosion. And why not throw in a car vomit for good measure.

Consider offering your baby a goat’s milk formula feed an hour or so before you leave the house. That way they’ll have a happy tummy filled with goat’s milk goodness, and you’ll have time to burp and change them before popping them in the car.

Get into your outfit at the last second

We’re extremely proud of the fact that Oli6 Goat Milk Formula is loved by families for helping to reduce reflux in babies. But when we’re talking tiny tummies, there’s always a chance of being caught off-guard by a last minute, outfit-decimating spew.

Don’t put on your nicest white shirt until the moment you’re about to walk out the door. Or if you want to get really clever about it (and very comfy), wear a robe over your outfit until you leave. 

Leave yourself extra time

Anticipate baby antics. 

It might be a lost sock as you take them out of the car (cue five minutes of searching under car seats), a tantrum as you try to get them in the carrier, or an untimely car nap you don’t want to interrupt. Whatever the case, having some extra time up your sleeve can help take the stress off being where you need to be.

And on that note, if you’re formula feeding on the go it never hurts to leave pre-prepared bottles of goat’s milk formula to chill in the fridge that little bit longer. Try and have them chilling for at least an hour so they’re properly cold before you head out on your adventures.

Stock up your car, and your pram, and your purse

Let’s talk emergency supplies.

Your nappy bag is fully stocked – awesome. Now make sure you’ve got an extra stash of everything in the car, pram or your handbag.

While it isn’t safe to leave tins or containers of goat’s milk formula in the car (it could overheat, or go past its use by date without you realising) go to town with your nappy, wipe and outfit supply. 

Get your goat’s milk formula prep down pat

If you’re heading out of the house for longer than a couple of hours, you’ll need to prepare for formula feeding on the go. (You do NOT want a hangry baby on your hands.) 

There are two ways you can prepare your bottle of goat’s milk formula in advance.

How to prepare goat’s milk formula on the go

  1. Transport the water and formula separately
  • Pre-measure the right amount of goat’s milk formula you’ll need, and store it in a clean, dry container.
  • Bring along some boiled water in a flask.
  • Pack sterilised bottles to use.
  • When it’s time to feed, add your pre-measured goat’s milk formula to your water, shake, check the temperature, and feed!

Hot tip: The Meke Twist is a fantastic way to safely transport goat’s milk formula and prepare it fresh while you’re out and about.

  1. Make up the bottle in advance

While it’s best to prepare goat’s milk formula fresh for each feed, it’s generally safe to make bottles ahead of time so long as you:

  • Refrigerate the bottle within one hour of making it up and use it within 24 hours.
  • Allow it to get very cold at the back of the fridge (below five degrees celsius).
  • Use it within two hours after taking it out of the fridge, unless you can store it in a cool bag.

Goat’s milk formula made up in advance should be used:

  • Within 24 hours if it’s kept in the fridge.
  • Within 4 hours if it’s kept in a cool bag.
  • Within 2 hours if it’s kept at room temperature.

The Meke Twist is a fantastic way to safely transport goat’s milk formula and prepare it fresh while you’re out and about.

Tips for feeding goat’s milk formula while you’re out

You can offer your baby cold pre-prepared formula, or use a bottle warmer to bring the temperature up. 

If your baby likes their formula warm, we highly recommend the Meke Baby Milk Warmer for formula feeds on the go.

If your baby is at the everything-is-too-interesting-I-can’t-pay-attention-to-my-bottle stage, consider bringing a muslin cloth or scarf to help create a safe, snug feeding cocoon. No distractions today, baby.

Give yourself grace and just give it a crack

Be kind to yourself, accept the very likely possibility of running late sometimes, and keep working at it. Preparing formula feeds on the run may feel fiddly at first, but with more practice you’ll be equipped to give your baby the goodness of goat’s milk formula wherever life takes the two of you. 

So please book that brunch with your friend, hit up story time at the library – whatever it is! – and use these quick tips to get out of the house more quickly with your little one in tow.

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