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Many parents are already familiar with baby formula and its uses, but are not familiar with toddler formula. While baby formula is used to provide your child with the essential nutrients they need for proper growth and development, toddler formula is used to fill a nutritional gap in the diet of your child. To learn more about goat’s milk toddler formula and its uses, please read the information below.

When Is Toddler Formula Used Instead of Regular Goat’s Milk or Cow’s Milk?

When a child reaches the age of one, they can digest regular goat’s or cow’s milk. However, there are instances where parents may need to continue the use of goat’s milk formula for their toddler. In most cases, this is due to a child’s unwillingness to eat their solid foods, which may be caused by the dreaded fussy-eating stage.

Even though fussy eating habits are quite common in toddlers, it can become a problem if this fussy eating stage lasts for some time. Toddlers need a tremendous number of nutrients to grow and develop properly, therefore, a health professional may recommend the use of a goat’s milk formula to fill that nutritional gap.

toddler formula

How to Handle Fussy Eating Habits in Toddlers?

First-time parents often struggle with the fussy eating habits of their toddler, because they have not dealt with this problem in the past. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ensure your toddler still gets the right nutrients and overcome fussy eating habits at the same time. To discover what you can do to overcome the fussy eating habits of your toddler, please read our overview of helpful tips and hints below.

Using a Goat’s Milk Formula

When your toddler is not getting the right nutrients, you may need to use a goat’s milk formula to keep their nutrient levels in check. In most cases, parents are free to choose the type of formula they use for their toddler. However, health professionals may recommend a formula other than goat’s milk formula if your toddler has certain allergies. Still, goat’s formula is a good option for toddlers who are prone to digestive distress.

To ensure goat’s formula is a suitable choice for your toddler during their fussy eating stage, it is recommended to ask a health professional for advice. If goat’s formula is deemed suitable, your toddler will be able to take advantage of the natural benefits of goat’s formula, which includes natural high levels of calcium, magnesium and prebiotic oligosaccharides.

Still need a goat’s formula to add to your toddler’s diet? Be sure to have a look at the natural goat’s formula options at Oli6, because our formula takes full advantage of all the natural vitamins, minerals and prebiotic oligosaccharides found in fresh goat’s milk.

Enjoy Meals Together

Toddlers tend to copy their parents in many ways, which is why it could be advantageous to enjoy your meals together. Eating the same thing as your toddler at the same time may encourage your toddler to try new foods, since they are likely to copy eating habits. Naturally, if you want this to work, you will need to eat the same thing as your toddler.


If you decide to serve your toddler the same foods you are eating, please make sure the food does not contain any added sugar or salt. Added sugars and salt are bad for your toddler’s health, so avoid using these ingredients while you are cooking meals.

Keep a Positive Attitude

The way you deal with your toddler’s fussy eating habits can have an influence on the problem as well. If you often act negatively towards your toddler, or give a general response when they do not try new foods, it can prolong the fussy eating habits of your child.

If your child refuses to eat certain foods and you respond to that with attention, your child may start to associate his fussy eating habits with attention from you. To avoid this, it is best to remove the uneaten food from the table without any reaction whatsoever. Even though you may be frustrated at that time, it is best to keep your negative feelings hidden.

It is also important to be a good role model for your child and show that you are willing to eat certain foods you may not like yourself. For example, if you want to teach your child how to eat broccoli, but are not a big fan of it yourself, you may have to put on a brave face to encourage them to try it anyway.

goats milk formula

Ensure a Stimulating Eating Environment

Other toddlers may help your toddler overcome his fussy eating habits, which is why it could be beneficial to have your toddler eat with other children his age from time to time. To this end, you could invite a toddler from your child’s preschool or nursery, or inform your child’s nursery about your child’s fussy eating habits, so they can try to stimulate his interest in solid foods by surrounding him with better-eating toddlers.

When eating at home, it is important to avoid distractions during mealtimes. Television, pets, games and toys, are all things that can keep your child from eating his solid foods. Therefore, you may need to make some minor changing to the eating environment just before meals are served.

We do need to mention that changes may only be of a temporary nature, but this does not mean they are not important. It is best to keep these changes in place until your child no longer shows any signs of fussy eating habits, since the problem may return if you are not consistent.


The continued use of a goat’s formula may fill the nutritional gap in your toddler’s diet, but it is still important to tackle the underlying cause of that nutritional gap. If you see no improvement in your child’s fussy eating habits over time, be sure to contact a health professional for advice.