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Have you been considering getting goat formula for your little one, but still justify with numerous questions? Then this article is for you, because here you can find the most important goat formula milk FAQs.

What Is The Difference Between Cow’s Milk And Goat’s Milk Toddler Formula?

Even though cow’s milk and goat’s milk formula are both nutritionally sound, there are some crucial differences between the two that parents must be aware of. Goat’s milk naturally contains higher levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium; this means that there are lower levels of additives required.

Why Are Prebiotic Oligosaccharides Inside Infant Formula Important?

Prebiotic oligosaccharides fulfil several functions in the human body, which directly or indirectly aid digestion. They are non-digestible fibres, which remain in the digestive tract instead of being absorbed. Once they are in the digestive tract, they start to absorb water and this water makes stool softer and easier to pass.

The presence of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside the digestive tract also has benefits for substances called probiotics. These are healthy gut bacteria that aid digestion. One of the functions of prebiotic oligosaccharides is stimulating the growth of these healthy gut bacteria, which indirectly aids digestion.

Finally, prebiotic oligosaccharides also reduce the growth rate of pathogenic bacteria, which are responsible for digestive-related problems and infections. By promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria, there is less room for those pathogenic bacteria that may cause illness. Therefore, we can state that the prebiotic oligosaccharides inside infant formula could be beneficial for your toddler’s health.


Is Goat Formula A Necessity For My Child?

A toddler formula is not a necessity for your child if your child does not have a nutrient deficiency or a malabsorption problem. Parents use goat milk formula to provide their child with the nutrients they are not getting from solid foods; for example, due to fussy eating habits or an underlying medical condition.

When you believe that your toddler is suffering from a lack in certain nutrients, be sure to contact your child’s paediatrician for an appointment. Even though fussy eating habits could cause a temporary shortage in nutrients, there can be underlying medical conditions. During your appointment, you can also ask the paediatrician for some advice on your child’s nutrition and infant formula options.

Does Oli6 Provide A Constant Supply Of Oli6 Dairy Goat Milk Formula?

As you may know, switching formulas too often can cause digestive distress for your toddler; therefore, it is important to choose a brand that can provide you with a continuous supply. Do not fall into marketing traps such as temporary price reductions and formula offers but stick with the formula of your choice to avoid your toddler experiencing digestive distress.

Oli6 guarantees continuity of supply to Australian Mums. Oli6 is manufactured in Victoria, Australia, and ensuring continued access to Oli6 is a key priority.

Should I Give Goat’s Milk Formula With A Bottle, Beaker Or Cup?

Many parents give their toddler a bottle, even if their toddler has started on solid foods. However, health professionals recommend switching to a beaker or cup as soon as your toddler can sit up unaided and can eat solid foods. The reason for that is avoiding a problem better known as “comfort sucking”, a common phenomenon with toddlers who received a baby bottle for a longer period.

Comfort sucking can lead to problems with the teeth and could even lead to psychological difficulties if the habit is maintained. If your toddler is having problems saying goodbye to the baby bottle, health professionals recommend providing a replacement that is not food related, such as a blanket or a soft teddy bear.

Is Toddler Formula Combined With Solid Foods?

Toddler formula should always be combined with solid foods, because toddlers need the right nutrients to grow and develop properly. It is true that toddler formula can fill some of the nutritional gaps your little one has in their diet, but that does not mean that solid foods can be eliminated completely.

To ensure your child gets the right nutrients daily, it is always recommended to consult a health professional if your child is struggling. A health professional could eliminate a possible underlying health problem, but also provide you with helpful tips to deal with your toddler’s fussy eating habits. They can also provide you with exact amounts of formula your child should be getting; this to avoid your toddler getting too much food and losing interest in trying new solid foods.

When your child reaches twelve months, there should be no problem to switch to a toddler formula or to regular milk. However, if your toddler is a particularly fussy eater, maintaining toddler formula for a little while longer may prove useful.

Why Should I Use Goat’s Milk Formula Instead Of Regular Cow’s Milk?

A common problem experienced by toddlers when using regular cow’s milk is digestive distress; this could be caused by an underdeveloped digestive system or an inability to digest regular cow’s milk properly in general.

Considering goat’s milk formula contains more prebiotic oligosaccharides than regular cow’s milk, the formula is usually easier to digest for young children. The prebiotic oligosaccharides could also reduce common signs of digestive distress, which includes stomach pains, flatulence and diarrhoea. However, parents do need to consider that bowel movements may change slightly because of goat’s milk; this usually reflects in the colour of the stool and the odour of the stool, which may be slightly stronger for a toddler using formula.

Where Can I Find More Goat Formula Milk FAQs?

Our website contains many goat formula milk FAQs, but we also provide more information on  topics such as bottle-feeding, potty training, the introduction of solid foods, and even toddler sleep. So, new parents can count on more than just our goat formula milk FAQs when visiting the website.

More interesting news about bottle-feeding and our formula can also be found on the Oli6 Facebook page. If you would like to get the latest on Oli6 formula, be sure to join our community.


Where Can I Find More Information About Oli6 Dairy Goat Toddler Formula?

Oli6 has several information pages on its website, which provide the necessary information about the formula to parents. We also have a dedicated page on the formula itself. There, parents can find more information about the ingredients of goat’s milk toddler formula as well as its nutritional values. Based on that information, parents can make an informed decision.

Naturally, children can get the most benefit from formula if they have the right formula for their needs, so parents must consider the best infant formula for their child carefully. We believe Oli6 is the best infant formula for children, since this formula provides children with the natural goodness of fresh goat’s milk.

When in doubt about the formula you should give to your child, you can always get some advice from your child’s paediatrician or another medical professional. Additional medical advice is especially recommended when you intend to switch from one formula to another, since formula switches could give your child some unwanted side-effects.

If you have any additional questions about using our goat milk formula, then please contact us on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Oli6Toddler.