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While it is true that goat’s milk formula is an excellent choice for toddlers with loads of benefits, parents should still consider all their options so they can make an informed decision for their toddler. Below, you will find the main things to take into consideration when you switch from goat’s milk formula to regular milk.

Softer Curd for Easier Digestion

Most parents choose goat formula for their infant because their child experiences digestive problems with normal cow’s milk formula. If your child has problems digesting regular cow’s milk when they have outgrown goat formula, then you could make the switch to goat’s milk instead.

When stomach acids react with the protein inside milk, they will form a curd. When a curd is softer, it will pass through the stomach easier. Compared to regular cow’s milk, goat’s milk forms a much softer curd; this means that the digestion of the protein inside goat’s milk could be easier for your child.

Not only the proteins inside goat’s milk are easier to digest, because goat’s milk also contains more digestible fats. The flat globules inside goat’s milk contain a higher percentage of short and medium-chain fatty acids. These types of fatty acids are easier to digest, because a unique biochemical reaction allows the intestinal enzymes to perform the digestion more effectively.

Compared to goat’s milk, cow’s milk contains more long-chain fatty acids; this means that the intestinal enzymes must work harder to digest all these proteins. Therefore, children are more likely to experience digestive distress with regular cow’s milk than with goat’s milk.

Goasts Milk Formula Benefits

Higher Calcium Levels than Standard Cow’s Milk

A major benefit of goat’s milk is that it contains a higher percentage of calcium than regular cow’s milk, which is also an advantage not many parents are familiar with. As you may know already, calcium is extremely important for children. If you are not that familiar with the benefits of calcium and its role in the human body, here is a summary of information on calcium.

Main Functions

The main functions of calcium include building strong bones and teeth, the regulation of muscle contractions, management of heartbeat rhythm and blood clotting. Due to the nature of this function, a lack of calcium in the diet of children could lead to a condition called rickets in children. It could also have an effect later in life, where the childhood shortage leads to conditions such as osteoporosis. Therefore, a good calcium supply in childhood is vital for growing children.

Main Sources of Calcium

Aside from goat’s milk, there are other sources of calcium that you could add to your child’s diet. Of course, some of these foods can be made with cow’s milk, so if your child struggles to digest cow’s milk, you may need to find an alternative made with goat’s milk instead.

One of the best sources of calcium is dairy, so adding goat’s milk and cheese to your child’s diet is certainly a good idea. However, calcium can also be obtained from green leafy vegetables; this includes broccoli, cabbage and okra. Nuts are also a good source of calcium, but not recommended for young children due to the choking hazard.

High Levels of Magnesium

Another big benefit of fresh goat’s milk is its high levels of magnesium, which are considerably higher than standard cow’s milk. Since magnesium is vital for more than 300 biochemical processes inside the human body, the importance of this difference cannot be underestimated.

Enzyme Activity

One of the reasons why magnesium is so important for the human body is the role it plays in enzyme activity. Enzymes are responsible for several thousands of biochemical reactions. Therefore, a lack of magnesium could have a negative impact on overall health and the body’s ability to fight off illness and infections.

Energy Production and ATP

Magnesium is also extremely important to produce energy and ATP; this is the energy storage present inside the cells of the human body. Therefore, when someone is short of magnesium, it could lead to symptoms such as a lack of energy and extreme fatigue.


DNA and RNA are responsible for the internal structures of the human body, because they enable the creation of new proteins and cells. A growing child desperately needs those proteins and new cells, so magnesium also plays a vital role there.

Mineral Balance

Last but certainly not least, magnesium is also responsible for the regulation of minerals. Without the proper balance of minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium, the body does not have the power to conduct nerve impulses, contract muscles or even keep the heart rhythm steady. Fortunately, magnesium makes sure that all those minerals stay balanced!


Considering Goat’s Milk Formula for Your Toddler?

Some toddlers continue the use of their goat’s milk formula after their first birthday; this is usually because the toddler must gain some weight, or because the toddler is not yet ready to switch to regular milk. Of course, if you want to continue the use of goat’s milk formula after your toddler’s first birthday, you need to switch to the dedicated toddler formula.

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