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Many parents who want to choose a good formula for their child often encounter goat’s milk formula. However, some parents are concerned that switching to goat’s milk formula might cause side-effects for their child.

Even though we recommend speaking to a medical professional before switching formula, side-effects caused by goat’s milk formula are rare. Furthermore, goat’s milk formula has quite a few benefits for your child. To find out more, please read the information on goat formula provided by Oli6.

Does Goat Formula Contain Enough Prebiotic Oligosaccharides?

Many parents who have tried Oli6 consider it to be a good formula for their child due to its prebiotic oligosaccharides content. A good formula should contain these compounds, because these prebiotic oligosaccharides promote digestion.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides are non-digestible fibres, which remain in the large intestine once consumed. Upon their arrival in the large intestine, they start to perform all types of functions to make digestion easier for your child!

With the help of prebiotic oligosaccharides, the formula from Oli6 can absorb water in the large intestine. It also enables our formula to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria, which once again makes digestion a little easier.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides have other advantages too. Studies have shown that these substances promote colonic health, improve the gut barrier function, promote brain development, protect against harmful pathogens, and improve nutrient absorption in the body!


Does Oli6 Goat Formula Contain Other Compounds That Could Be Useful for Digestion?

In addition to prebiotic oligosaccharides, Oli6 formula contains more compounds that could aid digestion. Below, you can find an overview of those compounds and the effect they have on your child’s digestion.

Protein and Fat Structure

Oli6 formula has a unique protein and fat structure. The nature of that structure is quite beneficial for digestion and certainly supports the function of the prebiotic oligosaccharides already present in Oli6 formula.


Phospholipids, which make up 20% of the total fat content inside Oli6 formula, are also important for digestion. Studies have shown that phospholipids have a link with brain development, but also with gastrointestinal health.

Research executed over the years has indicated that products containing phospholipids could effectively reduce inflammation and gastrointestinal infection. So, children who are prone to such problems could benefit from having Oli6 formula in their diet.

Why Is Goat Formula a Good Option for Children Who Do Not Show Signs of Digestive Distress?

Digestive distress is quite common for children between 0-24 months. Research has shown that 86% of children in this age range will experience some digestive distress; this includes 29% experiencing a significant level of digestive distress.

Choosing the Oli6 goat milk formula for your child could protect your child’s digestive heath. Therefore, the formula could be useful before your child shows any signs of digestive distress.

What Other Benefits Can My Child Get with Oli6 Formula?

One of the main benefits of Oli6 formula is easier digestion, but this is not the only benefit that is associated with Oli6 formula. In addition to high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, Oli6 formula also contains higher levels of certain vitamins and minerals.

Compared to standard cow’s milk, Oli6 formula contains higher levels of calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. Below, we have covered some of the main functions of these vitamins and minerals. Based on this information, you can determine how these vitamins and minerals could benefit your child.


99% of the calcium stored in the body is used to maintain bones and teeth. Therefore, this mineral is extremely important to support your child’s skeletal structure. The remaining 1% of calcium in the body is used too, more specifically for functions such as cell signalling, blood clotting, muscle contraction and nerve function.


Magnesium is a mineral with an endless number of functions. The mineral is needed by the body for more than 300 biochemical reactions. Some of these biochemical reactions include maintaining nerve functioning, maintaining heart rhythm, bone maintenance, blood glucose level regulation, and energy production.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for the creation and maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, skeletal tissue, soft tissue, and mucous membranes. The vitamin is also known under another name – retinol – because the vitamin is known to create pigments in the retina of the eye. Therefore, some of the additional functions of vitamin A are related to good vision.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, also known under the name ascorbic acid, is required for the growth and repair of tissues. Ascorbic acid is also needed by the body to create a compound called collagen; this is an important protein used in the creation of skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and even blood vessels.


Where Can I Find More Information About Oli6 Formula?

Parents can find more information about Oli6 formula on our website, since our website contains resources for parents. However, if you have a question about Oli6 formula, and cannot find the answer on our website, do not hesitate to contact our team for more information.

Can Goat Milk Side-Effects Occur In Children With Certain Sensitivities?

Goat milk side-effects are rare, but that does not mean that they cannot happen whatsoever. If your child is sensitive to a certain protein or other ingredient, it can result in goat milk side-effects.

To ensure your child does not suffer from goat milk side-effects, it is always a good idea to monitor your child during the first week of trying the formula. While there can be some minor changes in bowel movement due to the switch, goat milk side-effects should be relatively mild.

If you notice an unusual side-effect after your child has consumed any type of formula, it is important to make an appointment with your child’s paediatrician as soon as possible. After an evaluation, a paediatrician can provide you with the information you require.