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Your child deserves the best; this is why parents look for the best baby formula for their little one. Of course, formulas come in various types these days, making the decision of parents a little more difficult.

Goat’s milk formula is one of the formula types that has increased in popularity over the years. Many parents prefer the natural benefits of goat’s milk, something that goat’s milk formula can deliver. To learn more about goat’s milk formula and determine if it is a good choice for your little bub, please read the information below.

What Is Best? Organic Goat’s Milk Formula or Natural Goat’s Formula?

Before we elaborate on the benefits of goat’s milk formula, we must discuss the difference between organic goat’s milk formula and natural goat’s formula. While both organic goat’s milk formula and natural formula provide the same benefits, there is a small difference parents should know about.

Organic goat’s milk formula is made with organic goat’s milk; this is milk obtained from goats who are kept according to organic farming regulations. However, it is important to find out where the organic milk for organic goat’s milk formula is obtained, since different countries have different organic standards. For example, organic farming standards in the EU will be different to those in India.

Non organic goat’s milk formula are still made from natural goat’s milk. Thus, much like organic goat’s milk formula, manufacturers of natural goat’s milk formula will heavily limit the number of additives in their formula.

What does this mean for your formula choice? Very little because both types of formula provide the same benefits. However, it can be important to see where your formula is manufactured to guarantee a continuous supply.


What Are the Benefits of Goat’s Milk Formula and Why Should I Choose It for My Little Bub?

Goat’s milk has loads of benefits, which are also present in goat’s milk formula. Below, we have listed some of the main benefits why parents choose our formula for their little bub.

One of the main benefits of goat’s milk formula is the presence of natural prebiotics. Goat’s milk contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides than regular cow’s milk; these are non-digestible fibres that perform all kinds of functions in the digestion system.

When prebiotic oligosaccharides enter the body, they remain in the intestines to absorb water and promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria to aid with digestion. The absorption of water makes stool a little softer and easier to pass. Naturally, this could be beneficial for children who suffer from problems such as cramps and constipation after a feeding.

Promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria in the digestive system is not only good for digestion, since the growth of healthy bacteria limits the growth of pathogenic bacteria; these are the bacteria that are responsible for illness. So, by choosing a formula that contains high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides, you can protect your child’s overall digestive health.

The natural prebiotics inside goat’s milk are also structurally closer to those inside human milk; this could make a mixed feeding process a little easier. Even though human milk is always the advised choice for your little one, there are some medical issues that could require mixed or formula feeding. In these cases, goat’s milk formula could be a consideration.

In addition to high levels of natural prebiotics, goat’s milk is also a good source of phospholipids and nucleotides. Phospholipids are responsible for functions such as brain development and a reduced chance of gastrointestinal infections, while nucleotides assist with cell regeneration and cell development. Naturally, both are extremely important for a child who is still growing and developing.


Goat’s milk also contains similar levels of amino acids compared to human milk; this is quite an important similarity, especially considering that amino acids are the building blocks of the human body. They are used in almost all biological processes inside the human body, so their importance for your child’s growth and development cannot be underestimated.

We already mentioned how natural prebiotics inside goat’s milk formula could make digestion easier, but there is another similarity between goat’s milk and human milk that could make this type of formula easier to digest. Goat’s milk has similar protein to human milk. Once again, this could benefit children who suffer from digestive distress after the consumption of cow’s milk formula.

Parents whose child suffers from digestive distress after cow’s milk formula could consider a switch to goat’s milk formula. However, it is always recommended to get some advice from the paediatrician before you do so. Print the information from our website and take it to an appointment to determine its suitability.