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When parents are looking for formula, they are often lured by the promise of an “organic” formula. But is an organic goat’s milk formula genuinely better than a natural formula? At the end of the day, much of the natural versus organic goat’s milk formula debate comes down to semantics. So, to help you understand the truth behind these formulas, we’ve explained both in a little more detail below.

How Is Natural Formula Different from Organic Goat’s Milk Formula?

At its core, natural formula is not that different from organic goat’s milk formula. In most cases, the decision of parents comes down to brands, the specific ingredients they use, and the overall taste of the formula in question.

A natural formula tends to be more straightforward. This type of formula only contains a limited number of additives and incorporates all the natural benefits of the source product. For example, a natural goat’s milk formula – such as Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula – will adopt the high levels of vitamins and minerals already present in fresh goat’s milk.


Organic goat’s milk formula on the other hand is made with solely organic ingredients. If an ingredient is not fully organic, then a formula cannot be a certified organic goat’s milk formula.

By looking at the core definition, it is clear that organic and natural goat’s milk formula are not all that different. So, instead of looking for solely organic formulas, you may want to consider the natural goat’s milk formulas too.

What Is a Decent Natural Goat’s Milk Formula for Australian Infants and Toddlers?

One of the best goat’s milk formulas in Australia is the natural Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula. Oli6 provides parents with three natural formulas. These formulas are the Oli6 Dairy Goat Infant Formula, Dairy Goat Follow-On Formula, and Dairy Goat Toddler Milk Drink.

Oli6 is a trusted Australian brand, since the company is Australian owned and has built an impeccable reputation with parents across the country. The natural goat’s milk formula is also manufactured in Australia, so parents do not have to worry about the supply of formula for their little one. Oli6’s natural formula also meets all strict regulations for infant and toddler formula, so this is a choice parents can make with full peace of mind.

What Makes the Natural Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula the Better Choice?

Many parents find their way to Oli6 Dairy Goat Formula instantly, while other parents decide to switch to a more natural formula that is gentler on the sensitive tummy of their child. Evidently, this formula is none other than Oli6’s natural goat’s milk formula.

The goat’s milk formula from Oli6 takes full advantage of the high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk. These natural prebiotics prove beneficial for digestion, but also for the overall gastrointestinal health of Australian children.

Prebiotic oligosaccharides are not digested by the human body, because these non-digestible fibres serve as food for the healthy bacteria in the gut. By feeding these bacteria, healthy bacteria such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria will promote digestion but also limit the growth of harmful bacteria such as the E. coli.

The high levels of prebiotic oligosaccharides inside fresh goat’s milk is one of the many reasons why parents prefer a natural goat’s milk formula over cow’s milk formula. Goat’s milk has six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides compared to regular cow’s milk, which means children who have trouble digesting cow’s milk formula could have less problems with a natural goat’s milk formula.

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Aside from high levels of natural prebiotics, natural goat’s milk formula has some similarities to human milk. Naturally, this makes this type of formula quite attractive to parents who are looking for the best formula for their little bub.

One of the big similarities between human milk and goat’s milk is a similar number of phospholipids. Phospholipids have shown to contribute to brain development during childhood but are also linked to a reduction in the risk of gastrointestinal infections.

Human milk and fresh goat’s milk also have similar levels of nucleotides. These substances are incredibly important for human cells, since they contribute to cell development and cell regeneration. So, having a formula that contains these nucleotides naturally will certainly prove beneficial.

We must also mention that fresh goat’s milk contains similar amounts of amino acids too. These amino acids are the human body’s building blocks. They are used in numerous biological processes, so without them, the body could not function. Fortunately, a large number of amino acids are naturally present in goat’s milk!

Where Can I Read Up About Oli6 Natural Dairy Goat Formula?

Do you want to read up a little more about our formula before you decide to choose Oli6 for your child? Head over to the main menu on the website and check out the many information pages we have made available to parents. Also, do not forget to join the Oli6 Facebook community, which keeps you informed with the latest information but also competitions held by the Oli6 brand.