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There are certain factors every parent must consider during their search for a natural or an organic milk formula. Since the difference between natural goats milk formula and an organic milk formula are minor, these factors extend further than just whether a formula uses organic milk. No, they extend to the benefits that both natural and organic milk formula can provide. So, if you are currently looking for either a natural goat’s milk formula or an organic  milk formula, be sure to read the information below.

What Is the First Deciding Factor When Choosing Goat’s Milk Formula?

One of the most important factors influencing your formula decision is digestibility. Many infants are struggling with digestion-related problems such as crams and constipation. So, a formula that could contribute to a better digestion is appealing to many parents.

A natural goat’s milk formula from Oli6 could be the advised option for your little one, since this natural formula provides many digestion-related benefits. The digestion-related benefits are provided by compounds called prebiotic oligosaccharides.


Goat’s milk contains six times more prebiotic oligosaccharides than regular cow’s milk. Naturally, this translates in a lot of digestion-related benefits. Firstly, oligos will absorb water in the large intestine, which later comes in contact with passing stool; this makes the stool softer and easier to pass. Therefore, the presence of the prebiotic oligosaccharides inside goat’s milk formula could prevent common problems such as cramps and constipation.

The prebiotic oligos in Oli6 natural goat’s milk formula are also food for the healthy gut bacteria, which promote digestion. Therefore, once prebiotic oligosaccharides are consumed, they directly influence the numbers of these healthy bacteria. By letting healthy bacteria grow, they also reduce harmful bacteria in the digestive system; this includes E. coli.

What Is the Second Deciding Factor When Choosing Goat’s Milk Formula?

Oli6 can keep their formula as natural as possible because most compounds that are required inside a good formula are already present in the source product, more specifically goat’s milk.

Since fresh goat’s milk contains high levels of natural prebiotic oligosaccharides, Oli6 does not have to add artificial prebiotics (GOS). Instead, they can count on the natural high levels of these compounds that are already in goat’s milk.

Oli6 does not need to add artificial nucleotides either, these are the substances that are connected to functions such as cell development and cell regeneration. Fresh goat’s milk contains levels of nucleotides that are close to human milk; this means there is no need to artificially add them.

The natural goat’s milk formula from Oli6 also includes plenty of phospholipids. These phospholipids are responsible for brain development but can also reduce the risk on gastrointestinal infections

Finally, fresh goat’s milk also contains a lot of natural amino acids, which are responsible for countless biological process inside the human body. So, with a natural goat’s milk formula, your infant can enjoy proper growth and development.


What Is the Third Deciding Factor When Choosing Goat’s Milk Formula?

Availability is another important factor where formula choice is concerned, since you do not want your supply of formula interrupted. Experts state that frequent formula switching could be harmful for your little one, especially if your child has a sensitive tummy.

Oli6 is an Australian brand, which manufacturers its formula in Australia as well. By manufacturing goat’s milk formula within Australia, Oli6 can guarantee a continuous supply of their formula to parents. No interruptions, no worries. Just the way it should be.

Parents can easily acquire their supply of Oli6 goat’s milk formula. The formula can be purchased directly from the website and sent to your doorstep; this gives you more time to spend with your little one instead of having to go out shopping. Of course, if you need some time outside of the house, you can also acquire our formula in various pharmacies across Australia. To view which pharmacies can provide you with a supply of Oli6, simply enter your postcode in the store locator search window.

For more information about Oli6 or our range of formulas, do not hesitate to check out the many information pages on the website. However, if you cannot find certain information, or if you want to stay posted about the latest Oli6 news, do not hesitate to join the Oli6 Facebook community. We regularly post news but can also answer questions there!