Goats Milk Formula – The Naturally Smarter Choice

Goat’s milk is a rich source of nutrients and it has a unique composition that differs from that of cow’s milk. The compositional uniqueness of goat’s milk lies in its naturally high levels of important vitamins and minerals and many other substances that are naturally present in goat’s milk like prebiotic  oligosaccharides.

Goat’s milk formula is a safe alternative feeding choice to other dairy based formulas.

The benefits of goat’s milk 

Naturally high in vitamins and minerals

Natural source of vitamin A for vision and sight
(46% more than standard cow’s milk)*

Natural source of magnesium for development and growth
(33% more than standard cow’s milk)*

Natural source of vitamin C for development and growth
(37% more than standard cow’s milk)*

Natural source of calcium for teeth and bones
(10% more than standard cow’s milk)*

The benefits of goat’s milk

Goat’s milk contains up to 6x the prebiotic oligos of standard cow’s milk*.


Almost half of mums with children aged 12-24 months have changed milk drinks to try to address their child’s digestive issues. Their main priority is to find formulas with prebiotics or probiotics. Prebiotics are a non-digestible food ingredient that, through its metabolisation by microorganisms in the gut, brings about specific changes in the composition and/or activity of the gut microbiota which promote host health and wellbeing.

Studies have also found that goat’s milk formula naturally contains 250-300mg/L oligosaccharides, which represents up to six times the concentration of prebiotic oligosaccharides than in standard cow’s milk to assist in the digestion process*.


The milk composition of major proteins differ somewhat between goat and cow milk. Goat’s milk formula has lower levels of αs1-CN and higher levels of β-CN than standard cow’s milk and therefore its casein profile is closer to human milk. αs1-CN has been suggested to be the cause of many people being unable to digest regular cow’s milk.



Goat’s milk contains lower concentration of cholesterol (11mg/100g) than standard cow’s milk (14mg/100g).

Goats milk formulas

Goat’s milk formula is used in many countries, including in the infant feeding guidelines of Australia, New Zealand, the EU and England.

Our range of best goat’s milk formulas are manufactured in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney), adhere to the strict Australian regulatory guidelines and fully comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Oli6 Goat’s milk formula is a natural Australian owned formula which can be purchased either online or through various suppliers throughout Australia.

Australian standards

Oli6® conforms to Australia’s food regulations and requirements. All our products have been developed by experienced formula technicians ensuring that all regulatory and nutritional requirements are being met. Additionally, we are an associate member of The Infant Nutrition Council.

Oli6 goat’s milk toddler drink gives toddlers and parents access to the natural benefits of goat’s milk. Since this natural milk drink is easier on the tummy of toddlers, but also provides high levels of vitamin A and magnesium, it is a good option for toddlers who need all the nutrients they can get for good growth and development. So, if you have not found the perfect natural formula for your little one yet, we urge you to try our toddler milk drink and let your child experience the benefits of goat’s milk.

The Oli6 team provides parents with access to natural formulas based on fresh goat’s milk, but also provides a lot of resources to parents, which could prove interesting when parents want to switch to a new formula, want to learn more about mixed feeding, or require other information that is relevant to giving a child a formula. To get access to these resources, simply head to the main menu of the Oli6 website and select the topic that is of interest to you from the dropdown menu. Do you have a specific question about Oli6 formula and could not find the answer on our website? Feel free to contact our goat’s milk formula experts for some answers!